ASRS, Inc.
Aviation Safety Resource Services, Inc. is an FAA/EASA approved repair station that provides specialized services related to flight recorders to accommodate your operational and regulatory requirements. Flight recorder testing and recertification is provided for most recorders (see "Company" for details).

Services are offered in the area of readout, analysis and documentation of information from flight data recorder for purposes of flight performance review, maintenance analysis, troubleshooting or annual system parameter checks.

ASRS personnel experience includes readout services for many major air carriers and maintenance facilities including Northwest, Delta Airlines, Continental Express, Miami Air Int'l, Commodore Aviation, USAir, U.S. Army Safety Center, Atlas, Falcon, Coopesa, Flight Star, U.S. Department of Justice, TACA, and many more.

ASRS data processing and analysis activities are conducted by experienced engineers with specialized qualifications including an FAA commercial pilots license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.