FAA Repair Station No. V2SR831J
EASA 145-5599

ASRS, Inc. is a FAA/EASA approved 145 repair station that is authorized to repair, overhaul, and bench test/return-to-service most tape and solid state Sundstrand/Honeywell flight data recorders (980-4100-xxxx, 980-4120-xxx, and 980-4700-xxx). ASRS, Inc. is also approved to bench test and return-to-service most Fairchild/ Loral F-1000 and FA-2100 solid state recorders.

ASRS, Inc. specializes in the data download, parameter status analysis and incident/accident review and documentation. This download capability includes all of the referenced recorders as well as the Fairchild F800 series and the Lockheed Model 209. We can provide your readout/analysis in the form of hard copy (Bluebook Report professionally done for you/your customers), email, or CD’s.

ASRS, Inc. can accept and process customer data from most storage sources --including-- recorders, CD’s, PCMCIA cards, copy tapes, DFDR tapes, memory sticks (USB), FTP sites, or emails. We provide expanded customer support for all readout/data dump reports, and we can provide AOG services for readout as well as Repair/Overhaul/Bench Test.

 ASRS, Inc. has been providing data analysis and readout services at our previous location for over 20 years, and we have a variety of recorders for sale at discounted prices. Most recorders have recent overhauls with full trace and dual 8130-3’s.